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Margaret River Websites

RV Studio has a lot of friends in the south west. Before we started up, some of our friends were looking for websites in Margaret River and other online services to promote their business. The feedback we received from them was that the businesses of Margaret River are becoming more and more competitive on the world stage, and were looking to build rapidly on their web presence. What the businesses of Margaret River need is a high end, efficient web development and Technology company to service the local market.

RV Studio sees Margaret River as one of the greatest and most prosperous regions for tourism in Australia, unrivaled by anything on the East Coast. That is why we made a decision to actively extend our services to the region, even if we just come for an initial meeting we get to spend time in one of the greatest places in Australia so really we can’t lose.

So, What Is RV Studio Offering in Margaret River?

1. Websites and Content which is easily understood and looks fantastic- in any Language.

A new website is no good if you are ignoring a large portion of clients who are not native English speakers. RV Studio will set up data tracking as part of your new website, sending regular reports on who is visiting your site from where. If we find out that you have 1000 visits from Japan per week, and not many Japanese clients- we would implement a strategy to service this market through advertisement targeting, and translation tools for your website to tap into this market. Clients who see the effort that a business will go to in order to make them comfortable are likely to view the company favorably, giving you an edge over the competition. These services would be one of many examples of how RV Studio can make the web work for your business and your needs.
2. Maintaining a Local Feel
The owners of RV Studio were born and raised in WA, and as all WA kids do we have spent considerable time down south. We know that people head down south to experience the local culture and meet the local people. This message will be translated into any communications we manage online for your business.

3. Responsive Design
By now, most travelers have picked up a portable device of some kind to travel with. They are lightweight, easy to transport and most importantly give them internet access as soon as they reach WiFi. If a traveler came across your business online and it was scrambled on their iPad, they will immediately press back to go to Google and find your competitors website which could be laid out perfectly ready for them to make a purchase.

4. Simple booking system
It’s 2014, clients shouldn’t have to leave your website to make a booking- we can help get this in place to keep your customers on your website.

5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
To attract new clients, you need to be visible in Google. The most successful businesses in the world rank highly for their relevant keywords on Google. Margaret River has not been impacted by this trend so there is real opportunities for businesses that act quickly to utilise our services to get to the top of Google. We have managed to get sites ranked in the top page globally for competitive keywords, and can help your business do the same which is the best thing you can do to sustain and build your client base.

6. Online Advertising
While we work on getting your page to the top of Google, there is an interim solution we work with you to design. This solution involves getting your advertisement to the top of Googles paid positions. This service can be set up and managed from as little as $15 per week in advertising costs.

So, we think its about time your business took its online presence a little more seriously. RV Studio is looking to work its way into the market in Margaret River and are open to discussing amazing discounts on our normal rates for Margaret River businesses, give us a call today- we will take any excuse we can get to take a trip to Margaret River!

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