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Taking Your Website Mobile

There is no doubt that the emergence of the smartphone has changed the market for web developers, with clients now expecting and demanding that their new websites respond to changing screen sizes for mobiles and tablets. It is safe to say that the previously booming ‘apps’ market is starting to become saturated with low-medium quality and apps which simply package website coding. The consumer is being more and more driven to mobile websites, which with the advancement in HTML5 and other web based technology means that a mobile website can be as, if not more effective in reaching the consumer.

Smart companies are now looking to mobile websites to take the place of mobile apps. When you think about it, how likely would you be to download an app for your local cafe, gym, restaurant, spa or hairdresser? How often would you actually use it? We believe they are used infrequently, if ever. When we launched our first internal project (which was an app), the biggest hurdle was getting people to put it on their devices, and then once its downloaded getting them to use it. This is where mobile responsive websites take over, with smartphone use at an all time high the first thing people do is Google a company, not download an app.

The mobile website is now where the first customer experience occurs for mobile users, if your website is not mobile responsive, or at least compatible the first potential customer experience has already damaged your brand.  RV Studio specialise in solutions for mobile devices to ensure that the user experience is fantastic, whether they are looking on a PC, Mac, mobile device or tablet.

The first way to cover the mobile market is a simple scaling of the website to fit the screen it is on. This is what we have done for our own website. The reason for this was that we like our top graphic, and we do not have a layered website i.e when you click a link on the top navigation bar, you go straight the relevant page, there is no sub menu to have to click again.  This solution is great for websites with simple, straightforward structure as it allows for large, impacint design work to really catch the eye of your customer base.

The second method to make your new RV Studio website ready for the mobile consumer is to make it mobile responsive. For our clients who request this, the website is coded to change to varying screen sizes. This method can see your website give the user an experience closer to the ‘mobile app’ experience. The examples below give a graphic idea of what we are talking about here.

1. Screen Scaling (Mobile Compatible)

The image remains in the same format across the two devices. 

        rvstudio iphone                       rvstudio ipad

rvstudio.com.au website on iPhone                  rvstudio.com.au on iPad mini

 2. Mobile Responsive Website

The format of the website changes with the screen size.

blackstone iphone                               blackstone ipad

blackstone.asn.au on iPhone                          blackstone.asn.au on iPad Mini.

There are of course other solutions which can be explored for mobile- including mobile apps. As technology advances it will advance with the mobile device in mind. RV Studio will stay abreast of the latest developments in mobile technology, making sure our customers are getting the latest and greatest. We have the capability to develop native apps as well, but we firmly believe that there is a time and a place for mobile apps- and a local business or store is neither the time nor the place. If you require added functionality beyond what the mobile website can offer, we are happy to provide other solutions but for the majority a mobile website will mean you are first in line to impress any potential customers.

Happy With Your Current Website?

If you don’t want to change your current website, but you also aren’t reaching out to the mobile market, we can quickly and easily convert your current website to make it mobile compatible and ready to start serving your mobile customers immediately!

Get started today with RV Studio by clicking the iPad below

ipad mobile.fw

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